What are heel gaps?

Hielkoven are chunks on your heels that often arise because the feet are extremely dry or because they are neglected.

Causes heel gaps

The causes can be extreme dry skin in both men and women. 
People who walk a lot on open shoes (sandals) are the most sensitive to these problems. The skin loses more moisture causing the skin to dry out. 
Cracked heels can be created by walking barefoot on the hot sand on the beach.

Heel gaps often do not look good. 

Due to a cracked skin surface, this can be painful in some cases. the deeper the gap, the more sensitive it becomes.

What can you do to take good care of your feet? 

1. Regular footbaths are recommended, so that the feet feel soft and well-groomed. 
What can you do to take good care of your feet?

2. Filing the heels and heels on time is an effective way to remove the excess skin (calluses). After that, it is important to use a foot cream based on aloe vera, echinacea and evening primrose oil to restore the healing power of the skin.

3. Visiting a pedicure.

4. Choosing a callus, chapped and dry skin cream such as the Oud Hollandsche Ambachtscrème.

Oud Hollandsche Ambachtscrème can be recommended for: chaps, excessive calluses, dry and chapped hands, dry feet, dry skin and ideal after sunbathing to give the skin its natural moisture balance.

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