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What are gaps?

Gorges are cracks, cracks in the skin or mucous membrane that often occur in winter but also occur in spring when it is still cold.

More than 1 million Dutch people sometimes suffer from chaps, that’s a good number.

Gorges can often be painful and often occur on the hands, fingers and feet due to extreme dehydration.

It is not a serious ailment but it is very annoying because it can be painful. 
Cracks develop, small annoying cracks in the skin that cause irritation. 
Treating chaps (chapped) There are many types of creams that can be used to reduce chunks so that they do not feel painful anymore.

Protects and cares for the dry and chapped vulnerable skin.

By supplementing echinacea, aloe vera and evening primrose oil  , handicraft cream creates a protective layer on vulnerable skin. 
This layer does not close the skin, but is responsible for the natural recovery process of the skin.

The benefits of Craft Cream against dry and chapped skin.

* protects and cares for the skin *

* supports the natural recovery process of the skin

* Regular use ensures better moisture regulation of the skin.

Use Craft Cream at:

* chapped, rough and dry skin

* elbows, hands, feet, knuckles, fingers, legs

* responsible aftercare of the skin, even after sunbathing.

Fat cream is not always the right choice.

A greasy cream was used in the past, but people often find it annoying because they get greasy hands.

Special cream to fight chaps.

A cream that is used a lot to treat chunks, and that is not greasy, is known under the name “Oud Hollandsche Ambachtscrème” , this hand, body and foot cream is based on aloe vera, evening primrose oil and echinacea.

Craft cream has the property to promote skin regenerative capacity, and is available in most DIY stores and garden centers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

It is also available online at Preventing chapped cavities Chisels in the hands and feet are often caused by dryness and moisture, and often affect the skin.

Dry air and underfloor heating stimulate the dryness of the skin. Preventive use of a cream that is not greasy, and attracts well into the skin is definitely recommended.

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