How do I reduce calluses?

Before we tell you how to remove calluses we first explain what calluses are.

Callus is a local thickening of the epidermis (epidermis), which means the outer layer of the skin, which for the most part consists of horn cells that are renewed from the lower layer of the epidermis. Callus has protective properties and is the natural protective mechanism of the body.

Wearing wrong shoes that pinch, extremely dry feet and even sweaty feet can be the source causing calluses to accumulate. But underfloor heating also has drying properties of the skin. Remove callus? For many people, callus is a thorn in the eye. This is often perceived as disturbing. There are various ways to remove calluses by means of grating, calluses, foot bath and certain scrubs or a visit to the pedicure. Creams and ointments

There are various creams and ointments available at the drugstore with salicyl compounds to reduce the calluses. But there is also a cream with natural ingredients that achieves similar results. A non-greasy cream that quickly absorbs the skin, “Oud Hollandsche” Ambachtscrème available at the better garden centers and DIY stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is available online at:


Pedicures have also discovered success with the Craft Cream. It appears that customers who rub their feet every day hardly have any problems with excessive calluses. The cream nourishes and protects the skin so that drying out can be prevented. Not so nice for the pedicures, who see their customers less often.

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