Oud Hollandsche Voordeelpakket 8

Oud Hollandsche Voordeelpakket 8

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Muscle and joint cream Oud Hollandsche Muscle and joint cream has been specially developed to keep muscles and joints supple for the rest of your life. This muscle and joint cream is particularly suitable for use after DIY and gardening. You can use this product for all muscle and joint pains, for example in your knees, elbows, neck and shoulders. The product is widely used by construction workers, gardeners, tilers and other professional groups who ask a lot of their bodies. Do you suffer from a sore back or suffer from muscle cramps after a hard day's work? Soothes the pain with this unique muscle and joint cream and keeps your muscles and joints supple for the rest of your life. Oud-Holland muscle and joint cream is available in a handy 75 ml tube and consists of the ingredients MSM, Glucosamine, Devil's claw, Arnica, peppermint oil and Aloe Vera. These ingredients together contribute optimally to the effect of the cream on your muscles and joints. The cream should not be used in open wounds, by children under the age of four, awareness of the hypersensitivity of the ingredients, skin diseases or allergies. The muscle and joint cream packaging is processed in various actions where you receive a free screwdriver set for certain packages. Oud Hollandsche Ambachts soap: For clean and soft hands. Following the Old Dutch Craft Cream, the Craft Soap was developed from vegetable origin. This artisan soap is very suitable for caring for rough and / or dry hands. This liquid soap is especially recommended if you suffer from calluses, chunks or damaged hands, for example working in the garden. Craft soap is a mild soap with a mild scent and also very economical in use. Craft soap is available in a 500 ml pack. Read More
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