Oud Hollandsche Voordeelpakket 3

Oud Hollandsche Voordeelpakket 3

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Old Dutch craft cream with evening primrose oil and natural extracts of the Echinacea and Aloe Vera plant. This cream nourishes and protects the skin in extremely dry hands, legs, skin and feet. Craft cream is especially suitable as a hand cream to treat rough hands after a long day of hard work. Not only is Craft Cream a skin care product but it also contributes to the active recovery of dry hands and protects against chapping and the formation of dry or rough skin. Craft cream can and is mainly used as hand cream but is also suitable for other parts of the body. The biggest advantage of Craft Cream compared to other hand creams is that Craft Cream does not feel greasy after application, it immediately attracts in the skin so you do not suffer from too smooth hands. Craft cream is particularly suitable for calluses, chunks, sensitive cuticles, damaged hands after working in the garden or after work and after using solvents or aggressive cleaning agents. Craft cream the ideal product against sensitive gaps, excessive callus, chunks in hands and feet, chapped hands, chapped feet, eelthanden, calluses, dry skin, dry hands, dry feet, widely used as body milk / cream for the whole body because of its moisturizing properties . Many users remind us that this is the best chapping cream and callus cream they have experienced. Lip balm Old Dutch Lip Balm contains a number of ingredients of natural origin .. This lip balm gives an intensive protection and care of chapped lips, lip bubbles and sensitive lips. This unique lip balm instantly restores and soothes chapped lips. With L-lysine, Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Evening primrose oil and Vitamin E. Read More
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