MJ Drent Products takes your privacy very seriously and will process and use information about you (the person concerned) in a secure manner.
In this Privacy Statement we explain which data we process and for which purpose we do so.
In addition, in this Privacy Statement you can read about your rights regarding our processing of your personal data. We encourage you to read this Privacy Statement carefully.

For questions you can always contact.

Who is MJ Drent Products?

MJ Drent Products is the private limited company MJ Drent Products BV, with offices at 3781cc Voorthuizen on GH Roeterdinkstraat 52, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 08139507.

How does MJ Drent Products use your data?

Below you will find an overview of the purposes for which MJ Drent Products processes personal data about you. In doing so, it is always indicated which data MJ Drent Products uses for that specific purpose, which is the legal basis for processing these data and for how long the data is kept by MJ Drent Products. To keep things organized, we have grouped everything by type of data stream.

Services, customer management and financial administration

Purpose: Order management
Data: Name and address details, Delivery address, Invoice address, E-Mail address, telephone number, Order number, content of the complaint, Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number, Customer number.
Basis: Legitimate interest
Relevant interest: Commercial interest
Storage period: Long time necessary for this purpose

Purpose: Direct Marketing
Data: Name, Name and address details, E-mail address, Interested in a product, Order history, Post / billing address.
Basis: Righteous interest
Relevant interest: Commercial interest
Purpose: Newsletter
Data: Name, name and address, E mail address, Interest in a product, Order history, Postal / billing address.
Basis: Justified interest.
Relevant interest: Commercial interest
Storage period: As long as necessary for this purpose
Purpose: Social media marketing
Data: Name, Name and address details, Email address, Interest in a product, Order history, Post / invoice address
Basis: Justified interest
Relevant interest: Commercial importance
Storage period: So long as necessary for this purpose

Purpose: Website analyst
Data: Surfing behavior
Basis : Righteous interest
Relation: Commercial interest
Storage period: as long as necessary for this purpose
Research and development
Purpose: Scientific research
Data: Social contacts, Name and address details, E mail
basis Basis: Justified interest
Relevant interest: Commercial interest
Retention period: As long as necessary for this purpose

How do we obtain your personal data?

MJ Drent Products has information about you because you have provided us with this information.

What are your rights?

Under the European General Data Protection Regulation you have a number of rights with regard to your data and their processing:

You can always view your own (personal) data and if necessary change it in your account. If you want to view the personal data that has been recorded about you at MJ Drent Products, you can request access to it.


If you wish to make changes to the personal data that you have seen as a result of a request for access and that you can not change yourself in your account, you can request this at MJ Drent Products.
You can request that MJ Drent Products changes, corrects, supplements, removes or screens your data.

Limiting the processing

You also have the right, under certain conditions, to request MJ Drent Products to limit the processing of your personal data.

Right of objection

If a certain processing on the grounds of the ‘legitimate interest’ of MJ Drent Products will provide this in a structured and current form, which can easily be opened in other common digital systems. This way you can also transfer your data to another provider.

Retract permission

In all cases in which the basis for a certain data processing is your consent, you have the right to revoke that permission. This has no consequences for the past, but does mean that we are not allowed to process this data. It may be that MJ Drent Products can no longer provide you with certain services.
Reaction by MJ Drent Products

A request can be sent to:

MJ Drent Products will grant your request as soon as possible and in any case no later than one (1) month after MJ Drent Products has received such a request. If MJ Drent Products rejects your request, we will indicate in our reply why the request is rejected.

Recipients of personal data.

It may be that MJ Drent Products is obliged to provide your details to a third party, for example on the basis of a legal obligation.

What are cookies and how does MJ Drent Products use them?

Cookies are small pieces of (text) information that are sent to your browser when you visit the website of MJ Drent Products and then on the hard drive or in the memory of your computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device (hereinafter: “device”). “) being saved. The cookies placed via the website MJ Drent Products can not damage your device or the files stored on it. When we talk about ‘cookies’, we mean not only these small pieces of (text) information, but also comparable techniques with which information is collected, such as device fingerprinting.

Can this Privacy Statement be changed?

This Privacy Statement can be changed. We therefore advise you to regularly read the Privacy Statement for any changes.

Where can you go with complaints and questions?

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement and the way in which MJ Drent Products uses your data, you can send an email to, even if you have a complaint about the way MJ Drent Products processes your data, you can send an email to
In addition, you can always contact the competent national supervisor in the field of privacy protection. In the Netherlands this is the Dutch Data Protection Authority.