Industry chooses Craft Cream products for dry and chapped hands.

In workshops you come across more and more Craft Cream products.

Your hands become dirty and dirty during your work. It is important to use as many mild products as possible to restore the acidity of your skin. 
Working with cleaning agents, aggressive substances can damage the hands.

Sometimes these can be small wounds or even infections that can start to irritate a lot. 
A hand cream based on aloe vera, evening primrose oil and echinacea could be a good solution. 
Craft cream contains these ingredients that ensure that the healing power of the skin is promoted again.

Craft cream industrial packaging

A special packaging has been developed for the industry. 
The 1 liter package with special pump that allows the cream to come out of the pump completely.

Craft cream pump for in the van

In the van it is also handy to have a pump ready.

Dry and chapped hands.

In addition to dry and chapped hands, chunks are also treated with this unique cream. 
For the jacket or bag there is a tube of 75ml, which is easy to carry. These products are available at the better hardware stores and garden centers.

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