Free Black and Decker Heggenscharenset twv 49.95 at Craft Cream products.

Old Dutch Craft Cream products are applied throughout the year.

In the spring itching your hands to make the garden in order. It is again enjoying being outside. The temperature is very changeable, you immediately notice that dry hands, dry skin or dry feet. If your dry hands are not well cared for, chaps can occur.

What are chunks?

Chaps are small cracks in the epidermis. The upper layer of the skin tears out, as it were. If you do not take care of that well, chunks can become bigger, and even bleed that is very painful. Many people who work in the garden often use Oud Hollandsche Ambachtscrème to give the skin its full moisture back. Through the natural ingredients, the restorative capacity of the skin is promoted.

Muscle and joint cream before or after working in the garden.

Hundreds of thousands of people experience how annoying it is to bend down in the garden, not being able to stand on your legs for a long time, sensitive muscles and joints that often make the fun less.

The makers of the Oud Hollandsch Ambachtscrème developed a muscle and joint cream that is useful to apply to the sensitive joints and muscles so that the blood circulation is promoted. This makes working in the garden easier, and you enjoy gardening again. Workers also experience this wonderful product. If you lift a lot, you work a lot with your body, overload is often a consequence. For overloaded tendons, muscles and joints, the Oud Hollandsche muscle and joint cream is a very effective tool. Muscle and joint cream from the makers of the Old Dutch craft cream is often used for painful muscles and joints.

User benefit

Craft cream has made several options for its customers to receive a Free Hedge trim set from Black and Decker on her website www.ambachtscrème .nl. Packages can consist of advantage packages, or a mix of products, the choice is great for the customer.

A large amount of Hedge trimmers has been purchased to give customers as many opportunities as possible to come to this set. Note: op = op

If you want to order a package quickly, click on this link to see the packages:

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