About Us


In that year, Meri and MaartenJan Drent developed a cosmetics concept for specialist stores in the field of DIY and gardening.

The first product was the Oud Hollandsche Ambachtscrème 200 ml pot that was tested in twenty Karwei DIY stores in the middle of the summer of 2005.
Within a month, the displays were sold empty, and the concept was embraced and expanded to the hardware stores and garden centers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In addition to the pot, tubes, pumps and industrial packaging, hand soap and lip balm have also been produced in the meantime to meet the need.

To ensure the success of the display, we have developed a muscle and joint cream for painful muscles and joints that are used daily before or after DIY and gardening. This cream is also widely used in sports as warming up or restoring the muscles after exercise. We received many responses from customers who use this cream for sensitive knees, elbows, wrists, neck, back and shoulders.

Soon there will also be an advantage pack of this muscle and joint cream on the market for our loyal users.


In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany has also warmed up for the Craft Cream concept, under the name Meistercreme.

Our goal for the future is to further roll out this concept in other countries with cooperating partners.